A new season begins

While I wish I was talking about Fall starting, I really mean a new season of life. That’s right folks. Our little is going to school! The last five years have just flown by and I don’t see any slowing in the future. I should be used to it by now but I’m not. Ever since I met my husband nine years ago, I feel like time doesn’t slow down. How does that saying go? “Time flies when you are having fun.” Well then I guess we are having the time of our lives! I guess I should take a moment to start from the beginning…

My husband and I met nine years ago in a town back home in Texas. We were introduced by friends that thought we would be perfect for each other. Well, I guess they were right! Just shy of two years letter we were married and then two years after that we were blessed with our only child; a beautiful daughter. Just a few years ago we decided to change things up a bit and my husband joined the Navy. It has been an interesting last few years and we found ourselves in Maryland just two years ago. During the transition from civilian life to military life, I had attempted blogging to help the days go by. Well, the days went by, we were reunited with my husband, and the blog was forgotten. Now that we are somewhat settled in, and with the many changes headed our way, I decided to start a new blog because Why not?

So, here we are, 2 years into our stay in Maryland, waiting to hear what the Navy has in store for my husband next and trying to adjust to having a school-aged kiddo. Stressed may be the only word to describe me right now but I’m ok with it. Honestly, I don’t think I would know how to function without some sort of stress in my life. So stay tuned as life continues flying by! Hopefully we can keep up!